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Hi! ^^
The BIG BIG World of STUFF

Okay, this is it. My very personal site about kamishibai ^__^

You might think now: "What the heck is kamishibai?"
Kamishibai is a cool little storytelling-program which I think is best described as the best compromise between a comic and a cartoon.
For more information visit OtakuWorld.

This is the place where I present my very own stories. Clicking on a name will lead you to a site in OtakuWorld were you'll be able to download the file. I hope you enjoy reading them. ^__^
With time, I'll expand this section to contain more information about a specific kami.

Please read my icon-explanation to get familiar with the icons which I use to specify the genre of each story.

..:: My Kamis ::..

Follow the adventures of Simon and Zippa who are on their way to stop the reincarnated Count Dracula. ActionBlood or ViolenceMysteryMagic
Magical Madness
When a boy wished that his life should be more exciting, he gets more than he can handle... ActionFunMagical GirlsUnfinished
Sailor Moon:
A Sailor's Nightmare
A new evil from Egypt arrived and causes lots of havoc in Tokyo... FanficMagical GirlsUnfinished
The art of doing a truely bad kami This was the result of lack of sleep. It shows that doing a really bad kami is harder than you might think. Wierdness
Alien Diary This was also the result of lack of sleep. It contains musings of an alien on everyday human life. Wierdness