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Hi! ^^
The BIG BIG World of STUFF

..::The Icon System::..

d ^_^ b Hi! I'm Bot-chan. I'm here to explain you Toni's icon system.

In the main menu, you will see a listing of kamis. You will also see a short explanation and little icons representing the genre of each kami.

The icons and what they mean:

Action The boxing glove means that the story contains lots of action
Blood or Violence This symbol means that the story contains blood or extreme violence. Or both.
Fanfic Fanfic. It means the story is based on another story.
Fun The smiley represents a story which is generally funny. ^__^
Sad This icon represents a sad story or a story with a bad ending
Game The joypad indicates that the story is interactive, which can be everything from a story with multiple endings to a complex game.
H Stories with this little symbol have a content which might not be suitable for everyone.
Magical Girls One of the most popular genres: Magical Girls.
Mystery Stories with this symbol have mysteries in them or create a mood of suspense.
Romance Romance. I don't think that I have to explain this. ^__^
Space Stories dealing in or with space get this neat little icon.
Magic A rabbit in a hat. What could that possibly mean? This story is full of magic besides just magical girls.
Wierdness This story is wierd! That's about it.
Unfinished This symbol means that a series is unfinished.