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I got the Silver Award! Woohoo!
  • The ELK (special edition)

    The Elk is back. Everything you loved about the original without the insane difficulty.
    • Two difficulties
    • Improved graphics
    • Bonus mission
    • 1 Player
    Download here! (1588 kB)
    This file is kindly hosted by Lightbringer.

  • Crazy Soccer forever

    The newest version of my first selfmade soccergame. Better playability, but still chaotic.
    • Less bugs
    • Switching active teammate possible (now even manually)
    • 2 Players
    Download here! (700 kB)
  • BomberBalls

    This is a Bomberman-clone. Blow your opponent up before he does the same to you.
    • 5 levels to choose from
    • Collect items for more and stronger bombs
    • 2 Players
    Download here! (458 kB)
  • Crazy Soccer

    My first selfmade soccergame. It's chaotic, but fun.
    • Different from other Klik&Play soccergames
    • 2 Players
    Download here! (662 kB)
    I got an Award! Woohoo!
    This is an older Clickzone Award. It's still nice :)
  • The ELK

    A Jump'n'Shoot game. Help Pete Armstrong through a dangerous world to stop the mad Dr. Z. who wants to transform the moon into a giant Dr.Z.-bust.
    • 8 levels full of enemies and deadly traps + endboss
    • Passwords help you through your journey
    • 1 Player
    Download here! (656 kB)

  • Hyper Hyper 2

    This is one of my earlier games, but it's still really good. It's a racing game.
    • 7 courses (+1 secret)
    • 3 different cars
    • 1-2 Players

    • This game is in german, but an english manual is included

    Download here! (1074 kB)
  • Chaos Minigolf

    This is a cool minigolf-game. You need a mouse to play it.
    • 12 breathtaking courses
    • A mixture of golf- and pinball-elements
    • 1 Player

    • You need a quick PC to play it

    Download here! (573 kB)

    I don't know how this game is called in english (perhaps "4 in a row", I don't know), so I left the german name. It's my first try to make a party game and it is absolutely not bad.
    • A popular party game
    • 2 Players
    Download here! (339 kB)
  • R.E.M.

    My first really good puzzle-game. Try to get rid of every eye.
    • Easy to understand
    • innovative gameplay
    • 1 Player
    Download here! (216 kB)