Hi! ^^
Updates Updates Updates
=April 25th, '06=
2 new KiSS-dolls: "Elandar" and "Gadget"
=March 19th, '06=
New Kamishibai: "Alien Diary"
=January 19th, '06=
This update was long overdue! Check out the new Window Sitter "Gadget" and the new KiSS Doll "Amy Rose" in the Downloads section.
The BIG BIG World of STUFF

Hi! Welcome to my homepage!

..:: April 25th, '06 :: Update! ::..

Just a small one, but an update none the less. Find two new Kiss-dolls at my download page. :)

This place updates rarely, but at least it does update! ^__^

I've done a Kamishibai section where I show the stories I've made so far.
You can find cool selfmade games in my games section.
I've also done a stuff-section where I'll put various things like self-made midis, drawings, windows sitters and the like. Whee ^__^
Of course, you'll also find links to some of my favorite websites.

I'll add more stuff when I feel like it, so please don't expect regular updates. ^__^;

Got any comments? Mail me (Just delete the ANTISPAM part).