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Hi! ^^
Updates Updates Updates
=Jan 19th, '06=
Changed a few things here and there...
=First release=
This site is still under heavy construction ^^;
The BIG BIG World of STUFF


d ^_^ b What site would be perfect without links ^__^
Here I put links to interesting sites.

..::Game Links::..

VG Music This site has a huge collection of videogame music as midi files.
Clickteam This is the site of the people responsible for programs like K&P, TGF, CNC and MMF.
Clickzone The ultimate german community site with tons of games made with K&P & Co.
Positron Laboratories Lightbringer's site. This guy's been so kind to host The Elk (special edition). So please give him a visit. He has some great looking game in the making, too.

..::Kami Links::..

A must visit for Anime and Manga fans ^__^
They also have a huge collection of kami stories.
Chibi Alex-chan's HP A fellow kamishibai artist who has done a lot of kamis. There's something for every taste.
Meagen's Webspace This link leads to an ex-kami-artist who also did reviews on other stories. There are more than a hundred reviews now, so if you want information about a specific story, you'll most likely find it here.
OtakuQuest This is Rebo-chan's homepage and the home of "LoveQuest". ^^
The Kamishibai Post Clicking here will lead you to the famous KamiPost where you can find useful information, fun facts and interactive goodness. It's always worth a visit (although it updates even less often than my own homepage).
Kamishibai LJ Community The meetingplace of the Kamishibai community. Home of various events like art contests and the Neverending Kami Project.

..::Web Comics::..

Elf Life Follow the adventures of Baughb the Elf and his friends. Probably the best fantasy webcomic around.
Chibi Alex-chan's Manga Chibi Alex-chan's own comic. Currently it's a somewhat fantasy comic with the name of "Haato no Kagami".
It's Walky! These are the sometimes funny, sometimes serious adventures of Walkerton and his friends. As if they just don't have enough problems in normal life, they were also members of a team fighting against aliens. Now they are enjoying quieter times, but that doesn't make their lives any less strange.
Kevin & Kell A fine comic about the daily life of a family of anthropomorphic animals. Great stuff!
Dominic Deegan This comic follows the life of a seer. A very good fantasy comic full of adventures, comedy and the most horrible puns you can think of. ^^

..::Other Links::..

My LifeJournal "Weirdness, nonsense & cute robotic monkeys" - From time to time I'll update this journal with randomness. ^^;
My DevArt-Account This is where I will post most of my art. Yay! ^^