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Hi! ^^
The BIG BIG World of STUFF

What could probably make you happier than a little present?
This section of my site is for gifts I got (gimme ^__^) and gifts I gave other people.

..:: Gifts for people ::..

Child of the Pomegranate My first piece of fanart goes to ChibiAlex-chan's story "Child of the Pomegranate". Visit her website and read her stories. Now! ^__^
Kotori Kotori from Rikki Hyperions kami "Kichou na Shounin Kagami"
Cast of "Tales of Morya" Like the title says ^^; Tales of Morya is a story by Hoshi Josei.
Moonies at work This pic is based on "Mystery Moonies Shibai" by Meagen and, well, shows the Moonies at work.
Lieko This is a pic I did for Lieko ^^
Cast of "Love Quest" This piece of fanart contains almost all main charas of Rebo's kami "Love Quest". It's a great story. Go read it if you haven't yet! ^^

..:: Gifts from people ::..

Zippa Look! It's Zippa from my kami 'Dracula'. She really looks beautyful in this dress, doesn't she? ^__^
This was made by Chibi Alex-chan. Thank you very much! ^__^
Bot-chan A cute Bot-chan made by Chibi Alex-chan.
Simon My first fanart of Simon made by J-chan ^^
Zippa Whee, more Zippa fanart, this time made by Rikki Hyperion ^^
Gift from Lieko Hmm, what can I say about this? It's not one of my characters, but it's still a nice futuristic pic ^^